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The right socks

  • Posted on
  • By Martin
  • Posted in Outfit, socks
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The right socks

Creating a perfectly matched outfit is actually not the easiest task. It basically means to bring various fabrics, materials, patterns and colors into resonance, to respect the “Zeitgeist” and to avoid gaffes. This often neglected detail, to wear the right socks, I want to devote here.

Have you ever asked yourself the question whether you should choose your socks matching the color of your pants, or rather the color of your shoes? Well, basically there is no right or wrong here. However, if we step away from daring options, which I will soon write about in another article and focus on the traditionally correct answer, then it is that one: Your socks have to match your pants!

This is justified by the fact that the silhouette of your legs does not look visually broken, if the color of your socks matches the color of your pants. If you wear different colors here the clash of different colors causes a visual break. However, the traditionally correct way to go here is to guide the eye to the point where the shoes begin. In the classic men's clothing socks are no accessory to set color accents, but an important detail that completes your look.

What else do you need to consider?

It is not necessary to meet the exact color and shape of your pants. You should just try to get as close as possible to the color of the pants. Even socks with a discreet pattern, such as small dots, are absolutely okay. Here is an easy way to check whether the color is right: Put the sock on top of the pants and look at everything with a distance of about 2-3 steps. Pinch your eyes until everything looks a bit blurred. Now, if no difference in color can be seen, then you've made it. A "perfect match".

Of course, you have to make sure that the socks also don't look worn or faded.Unfortunately the color of cotton socks fades out after a few washing and drying courses. Although stockings made of wool keep the color for a long time, but quickly tend to ugly lints. Unfortunately, there is no way out. You have to buy new socks on a regular basis.

Yes, there are many other possibilities, beyond the classic "matching" between pants and socks. However, this would go beyond the scope of this post. I hope i had the chance to help some of you. I'm looking forward to take the time again soon and write about other possibilities of combinations.


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